Yellow Pine Pollen And Its Wonders

Yellow Pine Pollen Wonder

Yellow Pine Pollen Perpetual YouthNature knows how to take good care of us. She fills the environment with many sources of nutrients that can help improve general health or even treat many conditions. These are all natural medical wonders that can transform you into a brand new person. Pollen is known as a seed plant’s male gametophyte.

Flowering plants (angiosperms) and cone-bearing plants (gymnosperms) produce pollen during their reproductive process. Gymnosperms produce pollen in their pollen cones or male cones (microsporangiate cones), while angiosperms produce theirs in their stamen’s anthers. Every grain of pollen has one to three cells. The wall of the yellow pine pollen has an outer wall (exine) and an inner wall (intine).

Facts About Yellow Pine Pollen

The pine pollen has many benefits for your health, but it is mentioned less frequently than Goji berries. It is very helpful in maintaining your body’s balance. It is not a secret that many of the foods we eat have estrogen in them.

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With the help of yellow pine pollen, you will have enough testosterone again. There is nothing like a balanced platform on which to stand for the rest of your life. Below are some known facts about the yellow pine pollen:

• You can gather pine pollen by yourself and even make your very own pine pollen tincture. You can do so from March through May. In Canada and the US, the Pinu negra and Pinus sylvestris are used.

• Harmonic Arts and Surthrival are two companies that sell pine pollen. Harmonic Arts pine pollen tinctures are more affordable because the pollen they use are produced locally. They only use fair trade alcohol tinctures. Since Surthrival pollen is cell wall cracked and tastes good, you pay more for their pine pollen tinctures.

• If you want to get testosterone benefits from pine pollen, you have to take it in the form of a tincture.

• Cracking the pollen cell wall is not needed at all, except if you want to ingestNature's Pine Pollen it as a supplement.

• To get the most out of pine pollen, you need to take it when you get up in the morning, at noon, and before you go to bed.

• For thousands of years, pine pollen has long been used as an adaptogen or an organic health tonic in Chinese medicine.

• Men over 30 years of age use pine pollen as a booster for their testosterone. Yellow pine pollen also benefits you as a nutritive.

Women Can Also Benefit From Pine Pollen

In Chinese Medicine, pine pollen has been used as a beauty tonic for women. You can use pine pollen on your skin because of its collagen and elastin compounds. If taken orally, you can benefit from the antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins.

Testosterone is often a scary word for women. Most of them think that they do not require this hormone at all. Even women have testosterone in their bodies, but the amount is less than that of men. If women take powdered pine pollen, they do not grow large muscle bulges, grow a mustache, or start speaking like Stallone.

When taken in the form of a tincture, the phyto-androgens become more bio-available and concentrated. That is why women should not take the tincture form.

What if the Pine Pollen is Cell Wall Broken?

Pine pollen and chlorella are similar because they both have a hard shell. The hard shell should be broken so that the nutrients inside the pine pollen can be assimilated inside your body. Ideally, the processing of pine pollen should involve speedy airflow sporoderm-breaking technology and low temperature. This leaves about 99% of the yellow pine pollen available for your body.

What Can You Find Inside Yellow Pine Pollen?

Here are some of the essential nutrients found in pine pollen:Beneficial Pine Pollen Benefit

• 17 mg of alanine
• 33 mg of aspartic acid
• 30 mg of Arginine
• 21 mg of glycin
• 3 mg of cysteine
• 47mg of glutamic acid
• 24 mg of lysine
• 16 mg of isoleucine
• 25 mg of leucine
• 6 mg of histidine
• 16 mg of serine
• 26 mg of proline
• 17 mg of phenylalanie
• 4 mg of Tryptophan
• 15 mg of threonine
• 19 mg of valine
• 11 mg of tyrosine

Below are the vitamins in raw pine pollen:

• 15 ug of riboflavin or B2
• 1.3 ug of vitamin A
• 182 ug of Thiamin or B1
• 427 ug of Niacin or B3
• 1686 ug of Vitamin C

• 39 ug of pyridoxine or B6
• 28 ug of folic acid of B9
• 0.8 ug of beta carotene
• 0.7 ug of Vitamin D
• 97 ug of Vitamin E

The following are pine pollen’s minerals (for each gram):Pine Pollen Extract Benefit

Trace elements

• 11.3 mg of potassium
• 1.1 mg of magnesium
• 0.8 mg of calcium
• 0.1 ug of manganese
• 29.8 ug of phosphorous
• 0.2 ug of selenium
• 0.03 mg of zinc
• 003 mg of iron

Keep reading! More nutrients in yellow pine pollen:

• Oleic acid
• Coenzymes
Alpha Linolenic Acid
• Lignans
• Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
• Enzymes
• Fiber
• Inositol
• Flavonoids
• Polysaccharides
• Monosaccharides
• Nucleic Acid
• Proanthocyanidins
• Quercitin

• Phytosterols

• Resveratrol
• Rutin

The mountainous, unpolluted regions of China are the main sources of wild pine pollen. It is harvested from the wild. Then it is processed, starting with low temperatures so that the cell wall of the pollen can be cracked open. As you know, cracked cell wall allows pine pollen to become more digestible. You don’t need to refrigerate pine pollen. Just store it in a dry and cool place. Yellow pine pollen can last for a year once the packaging has been opened.

Pine Pollen: Source of Phyto-Androgens and Testosterone

Xeno-estrogens and phyto-estrogens are found in almost every substance in our environment, including plastics, pesticides, and water. You can fight them with the Cell Cracked Pine Pollenfollowing compounds in pine pollen:

• Androsterone
• Testosterone

These compounds are for adaptogenic effects. They seep through the pine plant with the help of Brassinosteroids and Gibberellins. They bind to the testosterone receptors. They are responsible for liver detoxification, fighting inflammation, and prostate health regulation.

Always consult your doctor first before you introduce yellow pine pollen into your health routine or diet. Your attending physician will perform some tests to see if your body can truly take advantage of this natural nutrient source. It is always best to be sure about pine pollen supplements first before you try them.

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Never assume that natural supplements are safe. They might interact with any medication or supplementation that you are currently taking. If you are a woman, do not think that you will grow secondary male characteristics if you take the powdered version of pine pollen. Consider its general health benefits so that you can have a healthier life with yellow pine pollen in your system.