What Is SurThrival Pine Pollen?

What Is SurThrival Pine Pollen?

Surthrival Pine Pollen Pure Potency Supplement

With over two hundred nutrients, minerals and vitamins, SurThrival pine pollen is the foundation for elite nutrition. Its use has been noted to improve peak mental health and to help unlock peak physical health. Chinese and Korean medicine has been using pine pollen for twenty centuries.

Eastern medicine has claimed that pine pollen will help to restore the endocrine system and balance hormone levels. The pine pollen found in Surthrival pine pollen comes from the Masson Pine and is selectively harvested only from areas that have the richest soil.

Seldom do insects contaminate pine pollen. For this reason, pine pollen is pollution and poison free. There have been no reports of side effects. The process is done by hand. The lack of machine use will guarantee that the pollen is coming from the pure source and is high quality. The pine pollen is picked within a designated period each spring in an effort to ensure high potency. The youth pollen is very pure. It comes straight from trees and has no additives.

The most pronounced features of pine pollen are:

Ninety nine percent of the pollen is cracked cell wall pollen. This allows for increased absorption.
The pollen is wild harvested, allowing for maximum potency.

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All tinctures are extracted in grape ethanol promoting absorbability and maximum quality.
The Violet Miron Glass bottles in which the tinctures are bottled promote stability and storability that maintains freshness.

The use of pine pollen in traditional Chinese medicine is prescribed for:

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Strengthening the heart
  • Strengthening the stomach and GI tract
  • Increased agility
  • Relief of rheumatic pain
  • Relieving fatigue
  • Increasing your endurance
  • Improvement of skin problems
  • Improvement of prostate problems
  • Assist with weight loss

SurThrival pine pollen is processed to break up approximately ninety-nineSurthrival Powdered Pine Pollen percent of the cells which, according to the research done, will aid in the digestibility of the product.

The list of benefits of pine pollen is lengthy:

  • Improves function of skin and hair
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Relieves rheumatic pain
  • Increases the ability of organs to improve immunity
  • Improves the metabolism, consequently helps to regulate weight.
  • Liver will regulate bile secretion more efficiently as well as stimulating regeneration of the liver
  • Regulates prostate function
  • With increased immunity, it will help to prevent the common cold
  • Protects the cardiovascular system
  • Helps to reduce cholesterol
  • Increases testosterone levels in the blood
  • Improves your vitality and your stamina

You will be increasingly impressed with the nutritional value of pine pollen. There are over 20 amino acids and 8 essential amino acids in pine pollen. This will give the user a complete protein.

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The series of B vitamins may well be the reason for increased stamina and energy. These, along with Folic Acid, Vitamins D and E add to the nutritional balance of pine pollen. The minerals that are present in pine pollen are Manganese, Magnesium, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Potassium, selenium, Zinc and others.

The addition of Surthrival pine pollen to your diet can give you the vitality that you have been thriving as your body ages.