What Can A Pine Pollen Supplement Do For You

What Can A Pine Pollen Supplement Do For You

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Nature has given us just about everything required to maintain health. The market features dozens of superfoods and supplements, pine pollen ranking among the popular options. A pine pollen supplement can be used to accomplish a lot, especially if you choose the right one and you have some idea about its effects.

What Is Pine Pollen?

Pine pollen is the yellowish powder that the trees produce in early spring. It originates from the male cone and research suggests that the pollen is a source of actual hormones. Few other natural substances or extracts can brag similar characteristics.

Most supplements are made from the pollen of Scots pine (pinus sylvestris). Some studies suggest that this particular type may contain larger quantities of testosterone than the pollen produced by other tree species.

The powdery substance has long been used as a part of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional healers were aware of the anti-inflammatory and the libido-boosting qualities of the pollen.

Why Is It So Beneficial?

As already mentioned, the pollen is a source of hormones like DHEA and testosterone. In addition, it contains a wide range of nutrients. Sulfuric compounds, vitamins and amino acids are all found in the pollen. It’s also a source of plant sterols that could potentially have anti-cancer benefits for both men and women (in the cases of breast, testicular and prostate cancer).

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Due to the fact that it contains testosterone, pine pollen is considered a libido enhancer. It also improves the male sexual performance and it may have some impact on fertility. The testosterone found in the pollen is in a low concentration, which mean that it doesn’t have a profound anabolic effect.

Bodybuilders aren’t going to experience massive benefits by choosing such a supplement. Still, all of the hormone-regulating substances found in the powder could be used to improve sexual health and give people more exciting experiences. This isn’t the only benefit of choosing a pine pollen supplement.

The pollen is a superfood that gives the body essential nutrients, Vitajing Herbs Pine Pollenstrengthens the immune response, improves skin health, enhances cardiovascular health and reduces inflammation. The anti-inflammatory effect is so pronounced that pine pollen has been deemed effective for the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

Finally, pine pollen can be used topically. Research suggests that it may provide relief from a wide array of skin conditions and irritations. A topical use of pine pollen tincture is great for the people that suffer from eczema, acne and impetigo. Pine pollen can be used to reduce diaper rash in babies.

Picking The Best Pine Pollen Supplement

The market features an array of products based on pine pollen. Just do a basic Google search and you’ll come across numerous powders, tinctures and tablets. Which supplement is the best one when it comes to preserving the nutrients and giving you the health benefits of pine pollen?

The best pine pollen supplements contain the raw, unprocessed powder. Some of the supplements feature pine pollen that hasn’t been cracked. In other instances, manufacturers crack the cell wall intentionally. The theory is that cracking the cell walls makes it easier for the body to absorb all of the nutrients and beneficial substances. Some believe that cracked pollen is a much more potent option, thus it may be a good idea to look for the respective product.

When it comes to choosing between powders and tinctures, there’s one main difference to keep in mind. A tincture usually contains a larger concentration of the active ingredient. This information should be listed on the product’s label. If you opt for a powder pine pollen supplement, you’ll need to take larger quantities.

Dosage Recommendations

A quality pine pollen supplement will feature dosage recommendations on the label. Stick to the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

If you’re taking a powder, you’ll usually get a recommendation for half a teaspoon to one teaspoon, two times per day. The powder is placed underneath the tongue and allowed to “melt.” Some people prefer to mix the pollen with a liquid and drink it.

The situation is similar in the case of pine pollen tinctures. You can place a few drops underneath the tongue or dissolve the pine pollen supplement in a liquid (water, juice, etc.).

Side Effects And Warnings

Always start with a small amount of the pine pollen supplement. Allergic reactions aren’t that common but they may occur. Once you test your sensitivity and you feel fine, you can opt for a larger amount of the product.

The effects of pine pollen during pregnancy haven’t been tested thoroughly. If you’re expecting or you’re currently breastfeeding, it may be a good idea to postpone a pine pollen supplementation program.

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One final thing to remember is that pine pollen should not be used in place of a balanced diet. It does contain a wide range of nutrients and beneficial substances. Still, pine pollen supplement delivers best results in terms of strengthening the organism when combined with a healthy lifestyle routine.