Pine Pollen Tincture Benefits

Pine Pollen Tincture Benefits


Pine Pollen Tincture Benefits On Health

Nature provides many beneficial elements to the human race, and pine pollen is one of them. Every spring, pine trees offer up a miraculous miracle known as pine pollen as the male catkins on the tip of pine branches release pollen. This drops a blanket of yellow powder over everything around it.

Most people consider it a nuisance when they find it all over their vehicles each spring, but there is reason to rejoice at its existence. Natural pine pollen tincture benefits mimic natures own solution to nutrition is an easy to use form.

These marvels of nature, in the form of pollen, are dense in nutritional value. Human beings have been using pine pollen for centuries because of the medicinal value it provides. As a tonic medicine, pine pollen can be used regularly over time without concern about eventual toxicity.

Because it is naturally adaptogenic, it caters to what the body needs from it to treat areas in distress. At the same time, there are also pine pollen benefits that provide the same kind of effects in an easy to use form that does not require hunting and gathering raw pine pollen.

Pine Pollen Vitamins

Since it has nutritive value, large quantities of it can be consumed for purposes of ingesting recommended amounts of vitamins A, B-carotene, B1, B2, B3, B6 and folic acid. It is also rich in vitamins D and E, and minerals such as copper, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, molybdenum, zinc, selenium, potassium, silicon, and sodium.

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Along with these naturally occurring nutrients, pine pollen also contains all eight of the known essential amino acids and more than twenty amino acids all together making it a source of complete protein. Pine pollen tincture benefits are the same.

Because pine pollen is so nutritionally dense, and provides long term medicinal benefits, it is understandable that it has the ability to enhance a number of different functions of the body. It also plays a role in preventing an array of degenerative disorders.

It has the potential for assisting with better endocrine function, boosting the immune system, and reducing pain. It provides anti-inflammatory, antitumor, and anti-arthritis benefits while lowering cholesterol and helping to stimulate the regeneration of the liver. All of this and more are part of the pine pollen tincture benefits.Suthrival Pine Pollen Tincture

Androgen Function

A lot of attention has recently been paid to pine pollen because or its function as an androgen. As an androgen, it has the effect of raising testosterone levels significantly which means it is a natural source for testosterone for those wishing to take advantage of it. Because there are few natural sources for this hormone, this was a much applauded discovery.

Not only are part of pine pollen benefits that of raising testosterone levels, but it also helps balance these levels with that of estrogen in the body. It is the sterols in pine pollen that affects this balancing act, and sterols are what help pine trees to grow and continue to develop.

Since testosterone has long been associated as a male only hormone, many people believe that men are the only ones who can benefit from it. This is simply a false belief. Women’s bodies also contain testosterone, although in smaller amounts than men.

When women are deficient in testosterone, a number of maladies can exist. Among them are loss of libido, lack of feelings of well-being, changes of the body that cannot be explained, sleep disorders, and fatigue among others. To decrease these symptoms, pine pollen tincture benefits may be needed.

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Along with being internally ingested, pine pollen tincture benefits can be seen through topical use. Skin challenges such as eczema, impetigo, acne, and diaper rash often respond well to the use of pine pollen tincture. Research has shown that people using pine pollen see an increase in general vitality, elevated libido, and a decrease in the normal effects of aging. This super supplement should be tried to appreciate.