Pine Pollen – The New Superfood

Pine Pollen – The New Superfood

Pine Pollen Gold FormulaIn the modern world there have been many advancements in technology, science and medicine. Yet it seems that some of the best answers to common ailments are derived from nature!

You have seen this with the Acai fruit, Oolong tea and many other natural “products”. Today’s discovery is pine pollen, a naturally occurring substance first used in ancient eastern medicine re-discovered recently as an all-natural treatment for low testosterone.

What is Pine Pollen?

Raw pine pollen is produced by the male cones of a pine tree and uniquely designed to reach their destination, which is the female pine cones. Yes, this means that pine pollen is “sperm” required for pine reproduction. You can actually harvest the pollen yourself from the male cones.

Male pine cones are slightly different from female cones. The female variety can be found almost anywhere on the tree and is the one most commonly collected for decorations and such. Male cones are thinner than their female counterparts and almost always found near the end of the branches where their seeds can easily be spread by passing winds.


All this is at least mildly interesting, but why would anyone want to ingest pine pollen? Properties include, but are not limited to:

  • Aphrodisiac- promotes increased libido
  • Nutritive- no long term toxicity
  • Androgenic- Anabolic endocrine stimulation
  • Liver Tonic- Regulates bile and stimulates liver rejuvenation
  • Heart Tonic- lowers cholesterol and increases cardiac endurance

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In addition to traditional properties, scientists have recently studied this substance and come to the following conclusions:

  • Increases levels of superoxide dismutase- powerful antioxidant
  • Provides bioavailable testosterone
  • Promotes elastin and collagen production
  • Removes pollutants from the body

Ancient Medicine

For over two thousand years pine pollen has been used for both food and medicine. Early records show it was prevalent during the Han Dynasty and even today it is sold in Korean shops. Traditionally the pollen was used to increase longevity, improve chi, and strengthen physique and heart. Uses today are quite similar, it is just now practitioners know why it works!

Indications – Should your consider using pine pollen?

Who should consider using pine pollen? Really it is a tincture that is great for just about anyone. Men and women alike can benefit from its varied properties, and though it is primarily billed as a natural testosterone booster, women do not have to worry about growing a Pine Testosterone Boostermustache or developing massive biceps!

You may be surprised to discover that both men and women produce testosterone and estrogen, just in different quantities. Recent medical studies suggest that both men and women are suffering from lowered testosterone levels, in fact they are lower than they have ever been. How is this a problem?

Low Testosterone in Men & Women

  • Lowered libido
  • Clinical depression
  • Fatigue
  • Growth Impairment
  • Decreased muscle mass – loss of strength
  • Obesity
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Hot Flashes (women)

This superfood belongs to a special class of herbal remedies known as adaptogens. In order to achieve this classification an herb must meet three specific criteria:

  • It must generate a non-specific response- it does not target one area of the body or treat only one type of ailment.
  • Non-toxic with regular but sensible consumption
  • Help create a balance within the body

Testosterone Treatment

If you are diagnosed with low testosterone, verified through blood tests, what Pollen Nature's Meta Foodare your options? In most cases, if your levels are extremely low, your doctor will suggest testosterone replacement therapy.

Like estrogen replacement therapy these are synthetic hormones you can take either by pill or injection that are meant to bolster your depleted levels. Unfortunately, there can be side effects, some of which are quite serious.

Testosterone replacement therapy can lead to increased breast size in men, elevated red blood cell counts and accelerate prostate growth. Men with breast or prostate cancer are not good candidates for traditional replacement therapies. This is where a good herbal supplement can come in handy, not only can it be effective despite cancer there are also no side effects to worry about!

Endocrine Shut Down

There is some concern about endocrine shut down for people who utilize herbal remedies such as pine pollen. Endocrine shut down occurs when glands detect that your body has a sufficient amount of a particular hormone in your body. After a while they begin to atrophy, shrink or die. Since this pollen is not biologically identical to testosterone that is created in the body, endocrine shut down is not an issue.

Avoiding Pine Pollen

Is there anyone who should avoid this herbal supplement? There are two situations where you might want to avoid pine pollen. Adolescent males, who are beginning to go through puberty or those in their early 20’s who are at the height of testosterone production do not need this type of treatment, and there is a slight chance it could interfere with the body’s natural production.

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If you suffer from pollen or bee allergies there is a chance you could have a reaction to pine pollen as well. Do you notice your allergies acting up when pollen is in abundance? For those who are allergy prone using this herbal remedy may not be the best solution and could result in a reaction.


So, is this the next best thing to sliced bread? All indications point to an affirmative! Are you concerned about erectile dysfunction? Diabetes? Do you feel tired or fatigued most of the time? You could be suffering from low testosterone levels! Talk to your medical professional about getting tested and discuss your treatment options.