Nutritional Health Benefits Of Pine Pollen

Health Benefits

Numerous Health Benefits Of Pine Pollen SupplementDoesn’t it feel good to know that you have everything you need to be healthy in even the smallest substances in Nature? Who knew that the tiny pine pollen can make your body feel better?

Pine pollen is obtained from pine trees or pinus. Pinus sylvestris or Scots Pine is the most recognized species of pollen in making supplements. Some studies show the presence of testosterone in this type of pollen.

Pine pollen has a traditional use in Chinese medicine. It has been present in this field for thousands of years. The Chinese obtained the health benefits of pine pollen from a species of pine pollen located in their region. They did not use Scots Pine.

One of the benefits of pine pollen in Chinese medicine is that it counters inflammation. It is still not ascertained if this anti-inflammatory effect is present in Scots Pine.

Pine Pollen For Systemic Health

Initial studies suggest that ethanolic extracts of pine pollen, taken in moderately high dosages, have properties that target pain. The potency of the pollen grain studied for analgesia is not the same species from which testosterone is obtained.

Inflammation is also one of the systemic health benefits of pine pollen. There is limited evidence for this. Studies have shown that higher doses of ethanolic extracts of pine pollen have anti-inflammatory properties. This may be associated with its potential immunosuppressive properties.

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You should always check to see if you are allergic to pine trees before you make pine pollen as part of your diet. If you are allergic to one species of pine trees, it is possible for you to be allergic to all species of pine trees. Taking pine pollen supplements may trigger an allergic reaction.

What Does Pine Pollen Give You?

It is an undeniable truth. You can definitely take advantage of the health benefits of pine pollen. Based on Chinese Medicine, pine pollen enters the liver, lungs, heart, kidneys, and spleen. These are known as the five major meridians. Below are some of the known benefits you can obtain from pine pollen:

• It strengthens your immune system
• It supports your hormones
• It is an excellent brain food
• It detoxifies and supports the liver
• It balances the estrogenic and androgenic hormones
• It can assist in cholesterol reduction
• It is good for your hair and skin
• It increases your vitality and energy
• It supports your metabolism, so it controls your weight
• It protects your cardiovascular system
• It is also an aphrodisiac (This is one of the most attractive health benefits of pine pollen)Pine Pollen Tincture Benefits
• It helps increase glutathione (the Master Antioxidant)
• It helps improve your endurance
• It optimizes prostate health (men) and breast health (women)
• It is a great antioxidant
• It decreases mutations in the DNA
• It supports healthy joints
• It can reduce pain
• It supports a healthy sex life

Men And Health Benefits Of Pine Pollen

It is known as the “morning wood”. Men have it in the morning when they take a three tablespoon-dose of an eight-ounce water and pine pollen mixture before bed. One of the health benefits of pine pollen is the “morning wood”, known scientifically as the nocturnal penile tumescence. It is a natural phenomenon in healthy men. Penile erection happens during sleep every night when your hormones are working fine. Pine pollen tinctures give the same effects.

You should set aside creatine, protein, or carbohydrate supplements for a while. After taking pine pollen for two weeks, you will start to notice desirable results. Because you gain more energy, you can work out more. Taking pine pollen helps your muscles bulge up in no time. Another advantage of gaining the health benefits of pine pollen is that you also have extra energy for other activities such as parties and nights out.

Pine pollen has sterols, which help in the growth of pine trees. It is a natural testosterone booster. The prostate regulators in the pine pollen are known as the gibberlins. The compounds in the pine pollen have adaptogenic effects that enlarge a small prostate and shrink an overgrown one. Because of these effects, pine pollen is considered an optimal testosterone supplement for any man who is experiencing problems with prostate size and testosterone levels.

Pine pollen teas or supplements increase sperm count and fertility. One of the health benefits of pine pollen is its arginine content. Arginine is the foundation of nitric oxide, which is the compound that allows blood flow into the penis. That is why there is higher fertility and more sperm production.

Pine pollen also increases SOD (superoxide dismutase) levels. SOD is an enzyme that is responsible for protecting you against free radicals. As you know, free radicals are molecules that are associated with the process of aging. The dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA in the pine pollen have the following benefits:

• It lowers your obesity
• It increases your energy
• It enhances cognition
• It improves insulin and glucose tolerance
• It reduces anxiety

Part of the health benefits of pine pollen is that it has sterols that prevent tumors from developing without any damage to the surrounding healthy cells. Pine pollen also stimulates antiviral action against measles and Herpes I.

There are also indications that taking pine pollen is much more effective than commercially prepared antivirals. It is a known natural solution against foreign chemicals and toxins. The sterol brassinosteroid improves the function of liver microsomes that bringPine Pollen Powder Health Benefits about the correct disposal of foreign chemicals.

Side Effects Of Pine Pollen

The health benefits of pine pollen outnumber its side effects. Pine pollen is a natural supplement, which is why it is safe to use for limited periods. Only a few side effects have been known. There have been rare cases wherein pine pollen has caused allergies in people who did not have pine pollen allergy. For breastfeeding or pregnant women, it is best that they do not take pine pollen supplements of any kind at all. It is always best that you ask your doctor first before you take any form of supplementation.

Dosage Of Pine Pollen

Presently, there are no recommended dosages in taking pine pollen. With all the health benefits of pine pollen, taking it daily based on your needs is all it takes for your body to improve. The ideal amount depends on various factors like overall health, age, and body size. It also depends on the quality of the product. Be sure to read the indicated instructions on the label before you take it.

You can take pine pollen in many ways. Upon harvest, it is acquired in powder form. You can take this orally, or add it to blended beverages or meals. In powder form, the androgens are not easily bio-available. Another one of the health benefits of pine pollen is that when you get it in tincture form, the testosterone in the pine pollen is more readily absorbed by the body.

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Take note that you should always consult your healthcare provider before you take pine pollen. You can’t deny that this natural supplement can bring forth a positive change in your body in no time. Make sure you follow instructions when you take pine pollen supplements. It is better to resort to natural health supplements than take those that are filled with chemicals. With the right guidelines, you can take advantage of the health benefits of pine pollen.