How To Make Pine Pollen Tincture

How To Make Pine Pollen Tincture

DIY On How To Make Pine Pollen TinctureWondering how to make pine pollen tincture on your own? This is one of the best approaches, if you want to make sure that the pine pollen product you’re using is completely raw and natural. A few rules have to be followed to guarantee the quality of the outcome. Here are a few of the essential steps.

Gather Your Tools And Supplies

Before learning how to make pine pollen tincture, you’ll need to gather all of the required tools and supplies. Luckily, the items you’re going to need aren’t that many.

Some of the essentials to get include mason jars, alcohol (at least 70 percent), a dropper bottle, a funnel, a spoon or a rod for stirring. Some people prefer to replace the alcohol with plain vodka. If this is the case, the vodka label should say at least 40 percent.

In terms of the dropper bottles, opt for dark glass. It’s best for preserving the pine pollen tincture over the long run.

Harvesting Your Pine Pollen

The first step on how to make a pine pollen tincture involves harvesting the pine pollen. Alternatively, you can buy the powder from a health store.

It’s a good idea to go for a walk a few times and see whether the male cones of the pine trees have started releasing pollen yet. If this is the case, the time is right to get started with harvesting. Usually, the cones should become swollen and soft right before they begin releasing pollen. Younger cones are green and firm. These can be picked and preserved in honey – a wonderful idea for bringing two superfoods together.

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Take a few ziplock bags with you and be gentle when picking the cones. If you shake them too much, a lot of the pollen will be lost. Usually, it’s easiest to start with the cones from the low hanging branches. Most people that make their own pine pollen tincture will try to gather about two large ziplock bags of cones.

Once home, empty the bags in a large bowl. Chances are that twigs and bugs would have gotten caught in the bag. Get rid of those. Let the cones dry overnight and using a sifter, separate the pollen the next day. It’s best to sift the cones a few times to make sure that you’ve extracted all of the pollen from those.

Steps On How To Make Pine Pollen Tincture

It’s now time to learn how to make pine pollen tincture itself. Steps On How To Make Pine Pollen TincturePour the pine pollen you’ve just harvested in a large jar or a bowl of preference. Add enough alcohol to cover all of the pollen. Some recipes recommend a one to five ratio of pine pollen to liquid. Let it sit for approximately two weeks. The jar should be kept in a cool and dry place, away from direct exposure to sunlight.

Over the coming two weeks, shake the jar on a daily basis. Prevent the pollen from settling at the bottom as much as possible. On the final day, you’ll need to shake the jar one last time and allow the pollen to settle completely.

At this point, the sediment on the bottom of the jar can be discarded. It doesn’t contain anything beneficial. All of the important nutrients, vitamins and hormone-like substances have been transferred in the liquid. Using a dropper, you can transfer the tincture from the big jar to a smaller one. Alternatively, use a funnel and a cloth that can be used as a strainer.

This is the basic process that everyone making pine pollen tincture, including commercial facilities, use.

Here’s one final optional step on how to make pine pollen tincture– you can add other extracts and herbs to it. Some people use passion flower, nettle root and Japanese knotweed. These herbs act as aromatase inhibitors. They reduce the risk of having testosterone and other hormones transform into estrogen in the human body.

Using Pine Pollen Tincture

Now that you know how to make pine pollen tincture and you’re ready to produce that first batch, it will also be a good idea to discuss some of the tincture uses.

Start with one or two droplets of the tincture per day. These can be placed underneath the tongue or swallowed with a liquid of preference (most people take their tincture with a juice). Start with this small quantity to test your tolerance and make sure that you’re not allergic to pine pollen. If everything’s ok, you can increase the amount to one or two droplets before each meal.

Understand one very important thing – the DHEA and other hormone-like substances can only be by absorbed by the bloodstream underneath the tongue. If they enter the stomach, these substances will be destroyed. Getting used to keeping the liquid underneath your tongue may require some time but it’s the best approach.

Take pine pollen on a daily basis and you can use it for up to 30 days. The tincture will strengthen your immune response, boost your libido and supply your body with a medley of beneficial substances. Some of the most important nutrients, mineralsLost Empire Pine Pollen Tincture, vitamins and hormone-like substances found in pine pollen tincture include:

• Testosterone
• Androstenedione
• B vitamins
• Vitamin D
• Powerful antioxidants
• Sulfuric compounds
• Arginine
• Aspartic acid
• Tryptophan
• Tyrosine
• Valine
• Potassium
• Sodium
• Magnesium
• Phosphorus
• Selenium
• Manganese
• Copper
Oleic acid
• Inositol
• Resveratrol
• Enzymes and coenzymes
• Fiber

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These are some of the beneficial ingredients found in the tincture. No wonder why pine pollen is a superfood!

If you aren’t sure in your DIY abilities or you simply lack the time to complete the two-week process, you can buy pre-made tincture. Many companies manufacture the supplement. Pay attention to the label, the concentration and whether raw pine pollen has been used. These are the factors that will have the biggest impact on the quality and the potency of the supplement. Learning how to make pine pollen tincture isn’t that difficult.