Health Benefits Of Pine Pollen

The Numerous Health Benefits Of Pine Pollen

Phyto-Androgen Benefits Of Pine Pollen

Pine trees produce a yellowish powder and anyone living in the vicinities of a pine forest know its potential to settle just about everywhere. This powder is called pine pollen. It comes from the male pine cone and it’s classified as a superfood.

What makes the powder so great for us? Here are some of the main health benefits of pine pollen.

Libido Enhancement

Pine pollen has long been considered a powerful, natural aphrodisiac. Some research suggests that the powder contains testosterone, androstenedione and DHEA.

Androstenedione is recognized for its anabolic effects in men. It’s called a pro-hormone because it enables the respective glands to start either testosterone or estrogen production. The conversion of androstenedione to other hormones is rapid, which makes pine pollen quite effective.

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is the most abundant circulating steroid hormone in the human body. Once again, it plays an important role in the formation of other hormones like testosterone. This is the main reason why DHEA is included in the composition of numerous male enhancement and bodybuilding products.

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Researchers have also found out that the pine pollen is itself a source of testosterone (80ng/g). The quantity is too low to deliver noticeable anabolic effects but it may have some impact on libido. Supplementation with pine pollen is considered especially beneficial for middle-aged men who may have experienced some loss in their sexual drive.

Stronger Immune Response

Though libido enhancement is one of the main benefits of pine pollen, there are numerous other health effects to explore.

Pine pollen is a strong immunostimulant. It is highly nutritious and a source of minerals and vitamins. The pollen is also a source of antioxidants that enhance the functioning of the immune system.

The substance is considered an adaptogen – a substance that makes the human body more capable of dealing with stress and adverse environmental factors. As such, it helps us build our resistance and be less susceptible to stress and other illness-causing agents.

Healthier Skin As Benefits Of Pine Pollen

People who want to look flawless will also enjoy the benefits of pine pollen.Healthy Results Of Pine Pollen Supplement There’s ample evidence that the nutrients and antioxidants that the pollen is a source of play a major role in maintaining skin health and youthfulness.

Sulfur-based MSM and an amino acid called arginine are particularly important for skin health. They help the body build collagen and keratin, two substances required to maintain the density and elasticity of skin.

Some of the steroid substances that were already mentioned in the first section of the article can be used to speed up tissue regeneration. Thus, they have an impact on libido and on tissue health at the same time.

Breast, Prostate And Testicular Health

Due to the hormone regulating qualities, pine pollen can be taken to improve the health of some reproductive organs. This is probably one of the most important health benefits of pine pollen.

Researchers have found out that the pollen contains a plant sterol that seems to be promising when it comes to reducing the risk of breast and prostate cancer. It inhibits cancerous cell growth and though more research will be required to reach a medically-relevant conclusion, taking a pine pollen supplement as a form of prevention is definitely a good idea.

Anti-Inflammatory Effect

There are many additional health benefits of pine pollen but we’ll mention just one more.

Pine pollen is a source of sulfuric compounds that have anti-inflammatory qualities. These same compounds act as pain relievers and could be particularly beneficial for people suffering from chronic conditions like arthritis.

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Several studies suggest that pine pollen is effective for curbing both the inflammation and the pain linked to chronic inflammatory conditions. A treatment with as little as 10 micrograms per milliliter has great ability to curb the production of pro-inflammatory mediators.

On top of these most prominent benefits of pine pollen, it can also be used to enhance weight loss efforts, reduce eczema symptoms through topical application, improve cardiovascular health and boost fertility in both men and women.